Retro Rewind: She-Ra: My Friend, My Enemy 

As time passes you will find out that I am a huge fan of 80s Edutainment. He-Man and She-Ra were two of my favorite cartoons growing up. These shows were originally created to sell toys. However, what these cartoons did was far greater than make Mattel millions of dollars; they taught their young audiences valuable life lessons. Each show was focused around some moral or life lesson like: honestly, love, the environment, power, and the value of life.

Cartoons can teach us all something. They are not only valuable learning resources for children but for adults as well. As adults, we can get so caught up in life that we forget some of the most important things in life. So it is important that we take time out to re-learn what makes life enjoyable. Take the time to not only teach the youth but to learn with the youth.

In today’s Retro Rewind I’m featuring episode 51 of the 80’s classic cartoon She-Ra Princess of Power: My Friend, My Enemy. Sometimes your enemy is your enemy because they need a friend. Check out the episode below. Share it with your children and students. Let me know what you think about this episode and how it can be used a learning tool.

A as always Make Learning Fun!



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