Website: Colours Lovers

Brighten up your learning! Color is a crucial part of design. When designing gamified content or developing a Serious Game or some other type of Edutainment it is import to be mindful of the impact that color can have on the content. Color can evoke emotion and is a great way to enhance learning.
Colour Lovers is a website that is dedicated to all things color. Colour Lovers is a online community full of creative individuals who share custom colors, color palettes, and patterns.



The Colors. The site has over 9 million custom colors submitted by users. One great feature in the Color section is that user uploads the HEX and RGB codes with the color. This makes it easy for designers to incorporate a color into their work. Colors are searchable by keyword, HEX, and hue; you can also view them by the newest or most popular.

The Palettes. Is matching any two colors outside of the standard complementary colors a challenge for you?  Well now you have one less thing to worry about, there are over 4 million color palettes here for you to use on your next project. Color palettes range from two to five colors and can be searched and viewed the same as you would colors.


The Patterns. Users of Colour Lovers have uploaded over 5 million different patterns. See a pattern that you like but the colors don’t work with your project? Colour Lovers ‘Color a Pattern’ online tool lets you customize the colors of any pattern on the site. Not only can you customize a pattern you can create your own pattern.


Seamless. Is an online tool that lets users create an original pattern. Its drag and drop functionality lets users place shapes onto the canvas where they can then rotate can crop them. Once they are done they can save the pattern to the online community.

Themeleon. Themeleon is a tool that lets users create a theme for their Twitter account. You can pick a color or pattern for your background (including any custom pattern you might create) and save the theme instantly to your Twitter account.

Photocopa. I know that I’m not the only one who has taken a picture of something so that I can use the colors in just say an Illustrator project. Well Photocopa makes getting those exact colors a breeze. All you have to do is copy the URL of a photo from anywhere on the internet or search for the photo on Flickr. You will be given he HEX, RGB, and HSV codes for the colors you choose.

Copaso. This tool allows you to quickly and easily create a palette of colors in its basic form. It has an advanced mode that allows you to extract colors from photos and match those colors with others using color theory rules.

Colour Lovers is a great resource when working with colors. It has powerful built-in color tools that makes finding the right combination of colors easy. The site also discusses design and color trends in different industries and has several communication channels for users to share information or discuss topics. This site is definitely Bookmark worthy!


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